Inline image 1 RiverWood Ensemble is a coming together, an assembly of both formal & informal film producers, the Ensemble is Registered by the government of Kenya to undertake its film promotions, productions and marketing initiatives. These producers have little film training but make a decent living off their very entertaining and local stories. Because they are mainly community based film groups, their authenticity and home grown stories resonate with the mass market. Mostly the films are in vernacular from different ethnic groups across Kenya. However there are new productions with the best talent and equipment but still relatively low budget. The main reason for the ensemble is to assist these film makers access training, better equipment and as such create better productions through collective bargaining and to expand the market for their productions as well as better revenues. Many of the productions of leading RiverWood producers are upgrades of stage performances at local clubs and community events. Going with the Audio Visual representation of their work was the next logical progression to reach more people. It has been financially beneficial particularly for the more disciplined producers who consistently release new work. This endears them to a fan base that constantly buys the new work. Kihenjo, Machangi, Githingithia, Warigia, Wandahuhu, Nimu, Pengle, JaCity and Kimondolo are examples of these producers. They sell hundreds of thousands of VCDs through the River Road distribution channel. The earliest of these productions date back to over a decade and a half. Another source of this great content was and still is Radio Presenters who turn their radio prep and presentations into films. Apart from stage performers and radio personalities, there is a 3rd source for these RiverWood movies: Independent producers mainly from youth groups and community chamas meaning investment accountability groups. These groups work earnestly for the love of film and telling their stories, and have a most sustainable business advantage. They are more modern and youthful in story telling style and are showing that they are able to sustain a consistent output of continually improved quality content. Groups like Dexterity Media from Dagoretti, K’ro Media Solutions in Umoja, Cezmiq Productions from Dandora, Mwambao Arts in Mombasa, NYTAD from Maai Mahiu, Evila Kenya from Doonholm among many others are good examples of such resilience. The other group of Indies (independent producers) that we get content from, are Small & Medium Enterprice companies that double in wedding, conference, music video and event coverage. Due to the constant practice on live events these producers have very good techniques and quality equipment as the films are not bread & butter but rather the icing on the cake. Amazingly we have great productions from this lot with almost every production being commercially viable for the broadcast market. The name RiverWood is derived from the geographical area that these producers started their operations and make their money from. River Road in Nairobi, Kenya is the business center of anything entertainment for mass market distribution. All music, films and even books emanate from this distribution hub reaching all corners of Kenya and to some extent East Africa. Entertainers are therefore based here and spend most of their time in this business area. Welcome to the land of RiverWood! where drama, comedy, thrills and series entertainment comes to you in your mother tongue.There is something for everyone! Economic Contribution: With well over 200 film producers, there is at least a film being churned out daily. A single shoot per day has a cast and crew of not less than 12 people. Riverwood Ensemble productions being done mostly by the youth, is a great employer that can without doubt boast of creating employment for over 5000 youths yearly earning between 15 to 20 thousand shillings monthly thus Riverwood contributing to about 900,000/= to 1,200,000/= on salaries alone. The purchase of recording material, equipment and related services could be contributing another 1 million into the economy. It is estimated that the production houses equipment and service suppliers are collectively worth over 60,000,000/= in Riverwood. With a better structure and wider market their worth could be more Riverwood Academy Awards was formulated by the Ensemble to recognize the work of these men and women who have offered alternative entertainment from the popular Hollywood films. Through these awards the Ensemble hopes to market their actors, producers and services to be able to attract the corporate world, the government and non government agencies to work with them and tap into their talent. It is the Riverwood people who tell the Kenyan story in the Kenyan way

RiverWood Ensemble! Telling Our Story

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